Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's the end of 2011, can you believe it?  I almost can't. Millions of people around the world have already celebrated the start of 2012 with fireworks in Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Islands like Samoa who by the way skipped Friday December 30 so that they could be 'closer' to their main trading partners..  

Later tonight, millions more will celebrate in Times Square and  at the Eiffel Tower...personally I'd love to celebrate the start of a new year in New York or Paris with my hubby one of these days.....  For now I'll be ringing in the new year at home with just a few friends and family members.  

Here's wishing you and yours and happy, healthy and prosperous 2012!



  1. Hi! Thank you for your comment on my blog!

    I'm very excited about it. Can't wait to "break it in":)

    Happy New Year!