Friday, December 30, 2011

  How fabulous is this room?  Here's what I love about it: 
1. The pink pillows,  (have a pink thing going on right now)
1. Zebra accent chairs
3. Console table and mirror 
4. Neutral wall paint and white furniture
5. Chandelier

It's Tradewinds, a luxury villa located in Sandy Lane, Barbados.  Go here for more pictures and to book your stay.....Surely you can afford US$2500 per night in the low season...LOL

On another note, this Christmas season has been great but I'm exhausted.  We're hosting a small get-together  on Old Year's Night and I'm hoping to see some fireworks from a near-by resort.  I know we'll have a blast but I'm wondering how I'm going to get through the preparations...Right now I just feel like ordering some pizza and calling it a day!!..Need some prayers..

What ever you do to ring in the New Year, have fun and be safe!

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