Thursday, October 27, 2011

Multiple Seating Areas

I like the idea of multiple seating areas in a living room: a place to watch tv, a place to read or do a puzzle or just lounge, smaller groupings.  That way the whole family could be in one room together even if we're all doing different things.

I am trying to figure out having maybe two or three areas in my own living are some that caught my eye:

 This Vanni Archive room is very I think the arrangement could be replicated in a smaller room, perhaps with a smaller table and a tighter furniture grouping

Loving the cowhide chairs in this Tara Seawright living room

I like the table and the tufted chair in the alcove by the window...maybe there's a second chair on the other side of the table?  Liking the gold table and soft colours of the rug as well.  Also, this picture shows that the room doesn't have to be huuuge to have more than one seating area...I like that
Room by Linda Merrill

Talk about multiple seating! Wow there's a LOT to like about this room.  The striped floors are a really nice touch
from coco and kelley

 This Victoria Hagan design is fresh and white 

 In this living room, someone could be reading in the nook, while somebody else is on the computer and others are watching tv....Oh and I just noticed the desk behind the sofa.. AND again, this room isn't THAT large...Here's a closer look.....

Velvet and Linen

Here's my living room...excuse the picture quality but I'm thinking perhaps an L-shaped window seat under the window to the left.....or maybe I should move the chair directly in front of the mirror and replace the mirror with a round table and a chair on either side.... 

I guess I can dream....What do you think?  


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  1. Hi there - just a quick thank you for using one of my images in your post above and for crediting my work! Much appreciated!