Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wonderful Waincoting

Hello there....

I used to read about people not decorating their home because they couldn't decide what they really liked and I couldn't understand it......until now that is!  It can be soo hard to just make a decision and go with something.  For me I'm fearful that I will do something, not like it and would have wasted money.  In truth I don't see it as a complete waste because I get to learn more about what will work and what won't.  The other thing is 'too-much-choice-dilemma'.  There are soo many styles that I just love and when I think I've finally decided on something, my mind changes again....so frustrating.  While liking so many different styles or looks may make it difficult to decide on one, having no money to spend sure does eliminate that problem*sigh*.

Right now hubby and I are trying to get some essentials done like finishing up some painting and so on: 'picking the low-hanging fruit' he calls it; not terribly exciting stuff but necessary all the same.   In the mean-time I'll continue to search out inspiration for decorating our family room ........when we can afford it reach that fruit so to speak:

One of the things I know my home needs is wainscoting...the walls just seem so bare.
 Floor to ceiling wainscoting and a mirror ......

Extra Large mirror......ad wainscoting

 Love the inky blue and the white wainscoting...not much else is needed

Love the wallpaper with the wainscoting...don't know how long I could like with wallpaper tho.

Another thing I want to do is add a half wall to separate the kitchen from the living room, and then add a banquette behind the half wall, something like this:

 and this:

 And this...I just like this picture....seems so homey and comfortable..

All photos via Pinterest

What decorating plans do you have?  
Until next time, Happy Tuesday!



  1. Thank Janelle, I love Pink and Orange sooo much, anyway getting away with Jerry soon and the kids. With Damian and Karlene gone we need to take a break. Lots of love to you and the Hubs.

    Lisa x

  2. Great selection of photo's !
    if you have the time, stop by at my blog.

  3. Hey Jay,
    Please, Please take some pics of your outfit for your brother-in-law's wedding. I can't wait to see how you will look in pink and orange.

    Luv Lisa x