Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The A List by Elle Decor

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These days I'm constantly in search of inspiration for our own house ...(well...actually I've been inspiration hunting for the last 9 years or so but who's counting?)  Anyway I've realised that inspiration or not I'm a sucker for pretty pictures.  So while browsing Elle Decor I came across Jay Jeffers of Jeffers Design Group.  He's one of Elle Decor's top 25 interior designers of 2011: their A List. 

He designed this house called Penninsula Classic.  According the website, "the owners of this wonderful Hillsborough home needed a space that was suited to both entertaining and the needs of an active family.  JDG designed interiors that are livable and welcoming, elegant and colorful".  Let's check it out:


 Isn't this a sophisticated dining room?  I love it! I'd never think to make put some of these elements in the same room ......hmmm but I guess that's why he's on Elle Decor's top 25 list *smile*

 Neutral, fresh, the artwork

 Lovely office for the Lady of the House

Livable, welcoming, elegant and colorful indeed!  Won't you say?  Have you checked out the list?  I'll be having a pretty feast for sure.

See you soon

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