Friday, April 8, 2011

What I'm Fancying Today

Today is Friday!!! I love Fridays... It sure is one of my favourite days of the week (#1 is Saturday) One of my coworkers calls it "do-nothing-and-rest-day"....

Personally, that's not  how I view Fridays but today that's exactly how I feel.   Like I could be on the beach somewhere dozing

...Or maybe the hubby and I could go for a drive stopping for a romantic picnic:


Ahhh...One can dream....

This week has been fairly hectic for the hubby and me with a lot of long days .....but 'thank God it's FRIDAY' so hopefully we can get some R & R this weekend.  Here's wishing you a productive Friday and whatever you do I hope your weekend is super and you get your batteries recharged.

Bye for now
:) Janelle

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